The Panora and Lake Panorama Area Economic Development group, known as PRIDE, serves as the principal economic development organization in the Panora and Lake Panorama area. PRIDE traces its roots in Panora to the 1980s and even earlier, beginning as an informal group of business leaders looking to attract, support and grow area businesses and promote housing.

In 1987 the corporation was formed called Panora Economic Development Corporation.  It was formed as a for-profit corporation.  After agreeing that the organization should be a non-profit, in 2000 the Panora Economic Development Corporation created the new corporation as a non-profit.  Prior to 1987 the group was an unincorporated entity known as “Panora Regional Industrial Development Enterprise” which is where the name PRIDE was derived. 

Today, the organization is comprised of business and community leaders from Panora, Lake Panorama and surrounding areas.

Board of Directors (2023):

  • Chris Arganbright (Bryton Insurance Agency)
  • Dave Beidelman
  • Jeff Bump (Bump & Bump Law Offices)
  • Mark Cates (Guthrie County State Bank)
  • Julie Dent-Zajicek (Iowa Trust & Savings Bank)
  • Leo Etcheto (Nutriom)
  • Dennis Flanery (Peoples Bank)
  • Lisa Grossman (City of Panora)
  • Dave Grove (Edward Jones Company)
  • Shawn Holloway (Panorama Community Schools)
  • Tom Neel (Lake Lumber Company)
  • Andy Randol (Panora Fiber)
  • John Rutledge (Lake Panorama Association)
  • Brad Hayes (Twin Vines)
  • Maggie Armstrong (Whitetail Properties)
  • Frank Teale
  • Curtis Thornberry (Panora Telecommunications)

PRIDE Officers (2023)
President: Chris Arganbright (Bryton Insurance Agency)
1st Vice President: Maggie Armstrong (Whitetail Properties)
2nd Vice President: Julie Dent-Zajicek (Iowa Trust & Savings Bank)
3rd Vice President: John Rutledge (Lake Panorama Association)
Secretary: Jeff Bump (Bump & Bump Law Offices)
Treasurer: Andrew Randol (Panora Telco)
Revolving Loan Fund: Julie Dent-Zajicek (Iowa Trust & Savings Bank)
Ex officio Past President: Mark Cates (Guthrie County State Bank)

2023 PRIDE Member businesses: