Available Sites & Buildings

Despite strong demand, there are a variety of commercial properties available for development in Panora. The Historic Downtown Business District and the commercial plaza east of the downtown all maintain high occupancy rates. The historic downtown business district storefronts are all occupied with the exception of three buildings undergoing interior and exterior renovations. The city leads all communities in Guthrie County in retail sales, recording over $28 million dollars in sales in FY18.

To better understand the availability of properties in Panora and Lake Panorama and to find commercial properties that are available for sale, you can checkout the commercial listings on this page as well as those listed with local real estate companies. Panora-based companies are listed below.

Commercial Sites

Highway 4 Arterial Commercial property (1.1 acres)
Located on State Highway 4 , this level site is near the heart of Panora. It offers great highway frontage and is perfect for commercial development. Traffic studies indicate that the site has over 4,000 vehicles passing by the location daily.

Panora Fiber Business Park
Located on State Highway 44 on the east side of Panora, the Panora Telco Business Park is home to offices and warehouse spaces for a number of key area businesses . With infrastructure in place, the sites are ready for development. Each parcel has access to water, sewer, electric, gas, and fiber optic broadband. Those seeking property for commercial development in the business park should contact Panora Fiber for more information.